Hello there!

My name is Josh. I've had experiences in leadership and teamwork from previous supervising positions. Thanks to those, I've been trained to have good communication skills and the ability to break down complex problems. I enjoy the feeling of solving difficult problems so I've dug into coding and data analysis. Using computational techniques to solve real-world problems brings me self-actualization. I hope this website provides an insight of myself, and I look forward to meeting you in person.


  ▪ Predictive Modeling                                                ▪ Data and Quantitative Analysis

  ▪ Machine Learning Algorithms                               ▪ Data Mining and Visualization Tools 

  ▪ Data Preprocessing                                                 ▪ Feature Analysis/Extraction      

  ▪ Data Mining and Visualization Tools                    ▪ Data Query and Implementation                                 

Programming Languages / Data and Analytics Tools
  • Python, SQL, PL/SQL, R-Programming, SAS, HTML, JavaScript, D3.js
  • AWS EC2, Hadoop Ecosystem (HDFS, MapReduce, HIVE, PIG) 
  • Tableau, SPSS, Microsoft Suite, VBA, VLOOKUP
DePaul UniversitySep. 2018 - Jun. 2019Graduate Assistant
  • Provided ML algorithm concepts in Regression, Classification, Clustering, NNDL and NLP
  • Tutored programming languages including Python, R, SQL, etc
  • Assisted analytical projects by providing Data Mining/KDD fundamentals and conceptual knowledge
Taipei Economic and Cultural OfficeSep. 2017 - Aug. 2018Website Maintenance Intern
  • Maintained and updated postings/forms on websites, and suggested modifications to improve user experience
  • Assisted in development of intranet and internet pages, and resolved technical issues reported by the visitors
  • Tested and troubleshot website functionality, backed up website, and updated WordPress and plugins
Powertech Technology IncJun. 2013 - Jul. 2014Production Supervisor
  • Analyzed costs, materials, inefficiencies and abnormalities using SQL and Pivot Table
  • Improved production efficiencies by 10% by redesigning SOP for 2 production lines
  • Managed, trained and assisted 60 operators on a regular basis 
Taiwan Air ForceDec. 2011 - Dec. 2012Air Defense Signaller
  • Conducted monthly data analysis on troop networks’ performance using historical records
  • Installed and configured troops’ computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners

  ▪ Curricular Recommender System (Scikit-learn, Flask, D3)                                         Spring 2019

  ▪ Regression Prediction for Video Game Placement (Python, Scikit-learn)             Winter 2018

  ▪ Temporal Prediction for Weather Forecasting (Python, Keras, TensorFlow)              Fall 2018

  ▪ Principal Component Analysis for Beer Recipe (R-Programming)                      Summer 2018

  ▪ Classification for Satellite Image (Python, scikit-learn)                                              Spring 2018

  ▪ Monte Carlo Simulation for Snake Game (Python)                                                   Spring 2018

  ▪ Classification for Car Insurance Cold Call (R-Programming)                                   Winter 2017

  ▪ Relational Database for Harley-Davidson (Oracle SQL)                                                Fall 2017

Hackathon / Tech Competition

  ▪ School of AI Health Hackathon                                                                                            Mar 2019

  ▪ Illinois Technology Association Tech Challenge - Top 150                                               Oct 2018

DePaul UniversityJul. 2017 - Jun. 2019M.S. in Data Science
  • Concentration on Computational Methods
  • Cumulative GPA: 4.0
National Chiao Tung UniversitySep. 2007 - Jun. 2011B.B.A in Management Science
Jiangong Primary SchoolSep. 2010 - Jan. 2011After-School Counselor
Mackay Memorial HospitalFeb. 2008 - Jun. 2008ER Volunteer